***TRAIL UPDATE May 17, 2022***


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With the hot and breezy weather over the long weekend we are super pleased to be able to open up a majority of the trails!!

We really appreciate everyone's cooperation with the slow start to this season, but it will pay dividends over the entire season. Bitter sweet to see the lack of camping at Kager Lake over the long weekend, pleased that everyone stayed away to let the trails dry out, but we do look forward to being able to welcome you all now that things are getting back on track. (pun intended)

All trails are now open with the following IMPORTANT EXCEPTIONS:

- Star Lake Trail (lots of snow still out there, heck even the lake is still mostly ice)

-Hogzilla (super soft spots, we'll be watching this one closely and getting some spring cleaning done before opening)

- Upper Pigasus (below the Mercury Road access is good to go, but the upper section is still snowy and super wet and soft)

- Huff and Puff (Uptrack) (new trail, still needing dry weather to compact, incredibly soft, please stay off this trail)

- Magee Trail (some very soft sections, needs to be really dry before it can be opened)

Thanks again for all the support in staying clear of the trails, and huge thanks to all the volunteers who have been clearing trails of blow down and even some leaf blowing has started!!