Timon and Pumba Trail Project

Ride Burns – Timon and Pumbaa Trails

Nechako-Kitamaat Development Fund Society partnership

Burns Lake, BC,

May 30, 2017

– "Timon" and “Pumbaa” are proposed short linking trails, beginner-skill level cross-country trails located in the Boer Mountain trail system.  Ride Burns anticipates this trail will become a very popular attraction in the already renowned Boer Mountain Rec Site trail network, by joining existing beginner-friendly segments of trail to form an extended length loop of beginner trail. This partnership, funded with support from Nechako-Kitamaat Development Fund Society, will complete this new trail project, providing additional diversity in attracting more mountain biking tourism, and adding to the skills of the local and regional riding community.

“Leveraging existing trail segments, adding these additional link points is a highly effective way to offer beginner riders an additional route on the Boer Mountain Trail network. This will undoubtedly become an increased draw to visiting families with young children.” – Guy Epkens-Shaffer (Ride Burns President)

The project will promote long-term community economic diversification and will promote economic development in the area. This project benefits local businesses, contractors, and our community by promoting a healthy opportunity for people to explore in Burns Lake.


Ride Burns Vision Statement – Burns Lake is a World Class mountain biking destination and a vibrant mountain biking community.

In line with our apparent obsession with 'pig' themed names of trails, Pumbaa is an obvious fit, and with 2 linking trail segments that go together, what's Pumbaa without Timon? Hakuna Matata people!