We have phenomenal winter fat biking on select groomed singletrack trails near Kager Lake. We strive to keep 10+km of trails open all winter. The wide tires and low tire pressure of fat bikes make winter biking possible.  The trails are groomed with the use of a SnowDog.

Conditions vary with snow and temperatures, but the grooming has allowed year-round biking in Burns Lake. We are always happy to have volunteers come to work bees and help with trail maintenance. (A lot of shovelling, lopping and divot-fixing is constantly required.)  As long as you are not sinking more than an inch, enjoy the trails by biking, e-biking, snowshoeing, hiking, running, dog walking, or skiing. We ask that users purchase a $20 winter membership to help cover the ongoing cost of winter grooming.

We would like to thank the generous donations from Bulkley Valley Credit Union, Chinook Community Forest, Tree to Tree Contracting, Free Growing Forestry and Burnt Bikes that allowed us to purchase the winter grooming equipment.

Upcoming Events

January Fatquest- Take the challenge to see how many trails you can enjoy in January. Download Form Here

Freezer Burnt Fat Bike Fest is usually held on Family Day in February.

Both fat bike and e-fat bikes rentals are available at Burnt Bikes.

Contact Dave at 250-692-7212 for more information on the winter bike scene.

FreezerBurnt 2020Groomed Trail through SnowWheelie on fatbike trailfatbiking bike parked in snowfatbiking patt on lake