Bike Camp 2021 Parent Instructions

We are excited to offer a modified bike camp in line with guidelines set out by Cycling BC, ViaSport British Columbia, and the Ministry of Health.

  • We are limited to 50 individuals including coaches, participants, and spectators.
  • In order for us to have the maximum number of youth participate this year, there will be no spectators.
  • This allows us to have 5 groups of 8 riders = 40 in total
  • Ages 7 - 12

Riders must be independent, meaning they can manage their bike, pedal and stop safely, without parent help, as we cannot have parents with groups.

Riders must be willing and able to follow the rules and guidelines.

Parent Instructions:

  • Drop off riders at group meeting spot. No parking there.
  • Riders who are sick must stay home
  • Families to follow all community covid guidelines
  • No spectating. Riders must be independent.
  • Wear a mask during pick up and drop off
  • If rules not followed, participant may not participate



Each session:

___ Conduct your daily health check, using the document attached, before leaving home.

___ Drop off riders at designated meeting spots – do not park here.

___ Bring water, bug repellant, jacket, helmet, hand sanitizer, snack, and gloves.

___ No sharing of equipment.

___ Pick your rider up at same meeting spot and finish time.

___ Parents and coaches to wear masks at drop off and pick up.